ProForce is introducing a new line of merchandise for the elite martial artist. The first release is this Double Weave Judo uniform.

This is the ultimate Judo uniform made of 100% cotton with a 25 oz. top. The top features 5 rows of stitching around the lapel and 3 rows of stitching on the cuffs. The back features a 3 cm wide joint of fabric and 6 stitches to reinforce the entire length of the back of the jacket. This joint is unique for Judo uniforms and perfect for strengthening the top for intense grappling.

The pants are also 100% cotton and are a 9 oz weight with a full gusset crotch. The pants have a traditional drawstring waist. The bottom cuffs have 3 rows of stitching. The pants also feature knee reinforcement with double padding material. The reinforcement starts at the knee and extends the length of the pants.

Available in white, blue, and black and comes in sizes 2-7.

Size Chart:
2 – Height: 5’2″ – Weight: 125 lbs.
3 – Height: 5’6″ – Weight: 150 lbs.
4 – Height: 5’11” – Weight: 185 lbs.
5 – Height: 6’1″ – Weight: 210 lbs.
6 – Height: 6’4″ – Weight: 250 lbs.
7 – Height: 6’8″ or more – Weight: 280 lbs. or more.

  • Key Features 25 oz 100% Cotton Top.